Suzanne Longley Farm
American Sycamore

A dominant central leader is key to growing a sycamore with a lovely symmetrical shape. Photo by Suzanne Longley of an American sycamore at the farm.


American Sycamore

Platanus occidentalis

With broad leaves and a generous canopy, the American sycamore grows rapidly into a stately, massive presence, cooling your house and garden in hot Texas summers, then in the winter, dropping its leaves and letting the sun in when you want it. A grand branch display shows off one its most striking features, a lovely, smooth exfoliating bark.

Remarkably fast growing and long lived, the American sycamore can reach 75 to 100 feet in height with leaves four to eight inches wide. It prefers moist rich soils but is adaptable to a wide variety including dry.

It’s also commonly called sycamore, american plane, occidental plane, and buttonwood.