Suzanne Longley Farm

The Farm

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Suzanne Longley Farms is situated in the breezy hills of Brenham, Texas, a pleasant climate ideal for nurturing trees and roses, noticeably cooler and drier than Houston. The farm is almost 425 feet above sea level compared with Houston’s downtown at 50 feet. Our fields of roses and trees are nestled protectively between hills which softens weather conditions even more.

The farm is convenient for delivery to several markets. Houston is 1.3 hours away, Austin 1.5 hours, Dallas 3 hours, San Antonio 2 hours, and Bryan 30 minutes.

The 25 acre farm sits just off famed Hwy 390 which runs along the top and length of Washington County, where tourists enjoy the renowned fields of wild flowers every spring, the vibrant Texas Blue Bonnets and Indian Paint Brushes. On the farm we sow bags of wildflower seeds every year to color our own fields for the season. Hwy 390 was originally an east-west Indian trail called La Bahia and was the first to be designated a Texas scenic highway, marked by signs today.

The facilities of Suzanne Longley Farms have been designed and constructed to maximize quality, allowing close plant supervision, 24-7 if necessary, with two houses for staff and a third under construction. Another purpose-built 5,000 square foot facility provides spaces for offices, shipping and receiving, tools, and an overnight facility for the crew.

Two high performance water wells drive a drip irrigation system, and three ponds were constructed to catch and store water. Backup systems include a diesel generator for alternative power, as well as access to city water. The plant sections were constructed individually with heavy duty wire-line support to ensure tree stability. The foundation for each section is raised to provide healthy drainage.

Within each section, spacious aisles between the rows of trees are a departure from many nurseries who cram as many plants together as possible. Our focus is on control and quality. Our wide aisles facilitate hygiene, plant care, and handling. Our supervisors are able to walk the aisles comfortably to see and inspect irrigation systems, care for our trees, and manage transfers easily. Our customers also like our wide aisles for viewing and selecting trees. Come see us!