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Suzanne Longley

Suzanne Longley, owner, president, has devoted her life to creating beauty and artistic expression that lifts the spirit. She says, “Gardening is the slowest of the performing arts.” Suzanne enjoyed an acclaimed career as prima ballerina with Houston Ballet. At the same time, she loved landscaping for friends and became a professional after earning her Master Gardener Certification from the Harris County Extension Service of Texas A&M. Now with 14 years of landscaping experience, she is well qualified to advise her nursery clients on how her trees and roses work in Texas landscapes. She has lectured on tree care and the horticultural arts at places like Bayou Bend, River Oaks Garden Club, and Houston Garden Club. Her beautiful landscapes have been covered with feature stories in the Houston Chronicle and the Houston Business Journal. Both her landscaping company and farm are totally organic, avoiding toxic materials and fertilizers to maximize the health, beauty, and the long life of her trees and roses. Suzanne established her tree farm in 2000, she is married with two children. Email Suzanne.

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Steve Ralya

Steve Ralya, sales and production manager, became interested in the field as a youngster when he assisted his grandfather at his Christmas tree farm in Michigan. He loves the proverb, “A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.” While a student at Eastern Michigan University, Steve worked on a shade tree farm until he earned a bachelor of science degree in urban planning and historic preservation. He moved to Houston after college and became manager of Gibson Wholesale Nursery. Then for 17 years he served as general manger of Glauser-McNair Nursery. He joined Suzanne Longley Farms in 2005 where he lives with his wife on the farm. He loves being outdoors and being part of an independent farm with the opportunity to create something beautiful. He and Suzanne are combining their years of experience to create the highest quality farm they know. Email Steve.