Suzanne Longley Farm

The Texas mountain laurel is increasingly popular for landscapes because of its evergreen foliage, showy blooms, and hardy drought tolerance. Photo by Don Glentzer.


Texas Mountain Laurel

Sophora secundiflora

This beautiful ornamental, understory tree provides deep violet flowers in March with fragrance reminiscent of grape juice. Trees are usually 6 to 12 feet high and can sometimes reach 20 feet.

Known for ease of maintenance, this Texas native grows in almost any type of soil including rocky gardens in full sun or partial shade. Good drainage is essential.

Also commonly known as mescal bean sophora, mountain laurel, frijollito, and mescal bean.


The heavy glossy evergreen leaves provide bushy coverage as shrubs or small trees for full landscapes. It should be noted that the seeds are toxic. Photo by Don Glentzer.