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The Texas kidneywood is a small, airy, ornamental tree which blossoms generously and attracts bees and butterflies. Photo by Don Glentzer.


Texas Kidneywood

Eysenhardtia texana

With a delicate open and airy foliage, growing six to nine feet, the Texas kidneywood provides charming ornamental value. Its sweet scented white-yellow flowers can blossom profusely, and they attract bees and butterflies. They are a useful honey plant. Flowering begins in early summer, especially after rains, and goes through late August or September.

The kidneywood grows fast in moist conditions with well drained soil. It’s drought tolerant and prefers full sun or light shade.

It’s also commonly known as kidneywood, bee bush, and vara dulce.


The kidneywood leaves are deciduous. The heaviest blooming time is late August and September. Photo by Don Glentzer.