Suzanne Longley Farm

Of all the roses in the Drift series, the Pink Drift rose is widely acclaimed as providing the most profuse, abundant flowering. Photo by Don Glentzer.


Pink Drift Rose


Cultivated for colorful groundcovers, the Pink Drift rose grows quickly, reaching a height of 1.5 feet with a 3 foot spread. It’s effective for mass planting, border edging, container planting, tops of retaining walls, small gardens, and across open beds.

This disease resistant plant is low maintenance and easy to care for, and does well in almost any soil type. Full sun provides the most blooms.

The Pink Drift is one in a series of seven Drift roses, all hardy groundcovers which are short, compact, and tidy, bred by Meilland International. Drifts are a cross between full-size groundcover roses and miniatures, combining the qualities of disease resistance, winter hardiness, well-managed size, and repeat blooming.

Peach, Coral, Apricot, Icy and Sweet Drift are all double flowering varieties. Red and Pink are single flowering.